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Vision - 4* for the way the photographer sees the directional light, and uses it.
Originality - 4* because lightly-clad pretty girl photos are commonplace. I do like the way the bolero is used to emphasise that which is interesting whilst covering that which is vital.
Technique - 4* for one flaw. The good points include the way the directional light has been used to highlight the bolero and the model's skin but de-emphasise her hair. The flaw for me is that I think the sides of the picture should be closer-cropped around the model to emphasise her more over the foliage.
Impact - 5* because less than 1 DD in 10 interests me enough to get a click through, and not every DD that gets a click through and requests a critique interests me enough to get one.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
46 out of 49 deviants thought this was fair.


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