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Believers by Pixx-73

I saw this piece as a DD, and my first thoughts were of Salvador Dali, and the mercury effects of the T-1000 "liquid metal" terminator re-assembling itself after being frozen in Terminator 2. All of which took a bit of a gloss off its originality for me I'm afraid.

Equally, I've taken a star off the technique because I can't decide whether the globules are supposed to be opaque silver or translucent.

However, I've got no hesitation in awarding it a 5* rating for vision and impact, largely because it got me to click through from the DD, and to respond to the request for critique.
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Pixx-73 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I agree, I know about the shortcomings in this work. :) Thank you so much.
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